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2 - 2


15 - 30 minutes


12 +

skill level

2 / 5


Trading card game for the Final Fantasy video game world.

Each player uses their own deck of 50 character cards. Players play character cards by using CP (crystal points).

There are three kinds of character cards:
Forward character card: attackers, blockers and characters with various abilities.
Backup character card: producing CP and/or with various abilities.
Summoned Creature card: one shot ability.
If the player discards a card, they produce 2 CP. If the player taps (dulls) his backup character card, he produces 1 CP.

On their turn, the current player can attack his opponent using his own forward character, and the opponent can block the attacker with their forward character. If the opponent does not block the attacker, one damage is dealt.

When you deal 7 damage to your opponent, or your opponent runs out of cards, you win the game.

Popular characters of various Final Fantasy video games appear in this game.

How To play