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4 - 16


30 - 60 minutes


17 +

skill level

1.1 / 5


A hilarious party game based on the public domain game Celebrity!

The concept of Monikers is pretty simple – get your friends to guess a bunch of names that are printed on a set of cards. There are three rounds and each round has different rules about how you can give clues.

In the first round, you can say anything you want. In the second, you can only use one word. In the third round, you can only do charades. Each turn is only 60 seconds so chances are you will see your friends crack under pressure. Since the cards chosen (5 cards x the number of players) are used for each round, by the end of the game, you will have a bunch of hilarious inside jokes. Some say this is either a really smart dumb game or a really dumb smart game. Either way, you will love playing Monikers!

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