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Announcement Fortress Melbourne will be closed to the general public from 5PM Thurs 5 Aug until further notice. Ticket holders & Bookings will be contacted via email & phone to arrange rescheduling.


Our mission is simple, we want to ignite the spirit of gaming in everyone.

We do it because we love games – video, tabletop, card, RPGs, you name it – and we want to create something incredible for everyone who shares our passion.


Do I have to pay to enter Fortress Melbourne?
What is the Alienware Arena?
What is The Tavern?
What is the LAN Lounge?
Where can I get a membership?
Where can I find and join the Fortress community?
Is Fortress Melbourne kid-friendly?
Do I need to own or have an account to play games at Fortress Melbourne?
What types of games do you have?
Do I need to be good at video games to enjoy Fortress?
Are you open late?
Where is Fortress Melbourne?
Can I bring my own board games?
Is Fortress wheelchair accessible?
Do I have to play games at Fortress?
Do you have gift cards or vouchers available?

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Fortress Melbourne is the proud partner of industry-leading innovators Alienware