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Announcement Australia's Biggest Video Games Venue, where entry is always free!

take your team to the next level

The High Performance Zone was designed specifically for esports teams to push their competitive skills. Work with your coach - or one of ours - on our top-spec PCs away from the bustle of the Tavern and LAN lounge. The adjoining meeting room is perfect for post-match analysis and formulating your next winning strategy.

Pure performance

Don’t be hold back your potential. Our High Performance Zone machines are built for performance and powered by the latest technologies. Combine that with high refresh/low latency screens and you’ll never miss a frame.

team focused

Review every moment of your last match on the flatscreen in the adjoining meeting room and run quick drills on the top-spec gaming laptops provided, or use this as a breakout space between matches.


Got a big match coming up? Bring the whole team down to play in your own space and ride the highs of competitive gaming together. The space is yours only, so you won’t have to suffer any interruptions or unwanted distractions.