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Announcement Australia's Biggest Video Games Venue, where entry is always free!

Magic: The Gathering has arrived at Fortress with MTG: Craft & Draft!

A gathering (😏) every Thursday that’s officially supported by Wizards of the Coast. Features 4 ways to play, ideal for any stage in your Magic: the Gathering journey!

Perfect if you’ve never ‘tapped’ a card, love the thrill of competition, or just wanna play some social games over food and drinks!


Book your tickets in advance or purchase at the door!

All tickets include a free standard drink!

Your choice of a Pint of Fortress Lager, Pot of Somersby Cider, House Spirit, Wine or Soft Drink

Casual Commander – $15

The go-to social meet-up to play with like-minded people! Suitable for veterans of the game and people new to Magic’s friendly community.

Bring in your Commander format deck – or just buy one on the night – and enjoy Magic: the Gathering’s most popular casual format! Kick back with some classic kitchen-table style Magic while you enjoy hot snacks & your free drink!

Booster Battle – $35

Compete in a Booster Draft tournament for the chance to win boosters and bragging rights! Crack open 3 of the latest Draft boosters and take turns selecting a card to draft into a new deck that’s yours to keep.

Use your freshly crafted deck to duke it out in a swiss style tournament with boosters on the line every match!

Beginner’s Workshop – $30

A guided session with a dedicated host to teach you the ropes of Magic: the Gathering! After your workshop, play friendly practice matches against other new players with help from your coach.

Everything you need is already sorted! Including a 60-card standard format starter deck that’s yours to keep! As well as a code to use your new deck on Magic: the Gathering Arena.

Ascended Arena – $15

Have a killer digital deck you’re looking to put to the test? Compete in a Standard format Magic: the Gathering Arena tournament to win prizes!

Use the lighting-fast Alienware PCs to duke it out with all your favourite homemade decks!