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3 Things To Consider Before You Start Live Streaming

20 December 2019

Welcome to a golden era of live streaming, where there are more options for platforms to stream on and more potential to turn your hobby into a profession.

Start on the right foot with our list of three things to consider when starting your new passion.

Choose your fighter (platform)


Twitch – the older and most established platform out of its competitors could help you reach a wider audience.

Compared to other platforms, it holds the majority of viewership in the market. As appealing as this can be, the challenge will be breaking out amongst the saturated crowd of new and existing users.

In 2019, there has been on average 3.7 million monthly streamers. It’s worth asking yourself why you want to start streaming and what can you offer that differentiates you from other streamers.


Mixer is comparatively new to the scene and has been playing hardball to get audiences/creators to their platform. While their viewership is low compared to Twitch, it could be worth getting in early to reap in the benefits of a small but loyal audience.

Competition amongst the live streaming platforms can only be a good thing for its users. Healthy competition can encourage platforms to differentiate, innovate and find new ways to incentive users.

YouTube Live

Did you know that the leading video content platform has a live streaming division? If you already have an audience on YouTube, you want to consider YouTube Live.

Out of the other competitors, YouTube Live holds the highest average viewership. However, it’s worth questioning that this statistic sways high because of the existing talent with big audiences.

Consider re-formatting your live streams into consumable content for your own YouTube channel. Successful Twitch streamers like XQC and Pokimane create clips from their live streams for wider reach.

Consistent schedule

Established streamer will tell you that regular, consistent streams are vital to growing your viewership. Sticking to a consistent schedule and communicating this to your audience will help ensure they tune in to your stream.

Consider your own schedule and see where you can fit streaming into your weekly life. According to StreamLabs, Twitch viewership peaks on Saturday and Sunday while Monday and Wednesday are considered the lowest for the week.


A high upload speed will play an integral part in providing a quality experience for your audience. It will be an essential element that works in conjunction with your consistent streaming schedule.

Research into your existing internet plan and compare with surrounding competitors to see if you’re getting the best deal. Alternatively, if streaming from home is unreliable, you could always stream at one of our four streaming booths at Fortress Melbourne.

Good luck!

Remember that consistency and authenticity will help you succeed in your passion – in both the long and short term. Do your own research, set out goals and above all, remember to have fun!