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Announcement Australia's Biggest Video Games Venue, where entry is always free!

Welcome to Rise of Valour!

We’re so excited to have you participate in Rise of Valour – the official Valorant pathway to First Strike, please review the FAQ below for commonly asked questions.


Who can enter this tournament?
How do I qualify for First Strike?
How do I qualify for Rise of Valour?
What countries does the Oceania region cover?
Is there an age restriction for this tournament?
Is this tournament free to enter?
What timezone is the tournament played in?
When is the deadline to register for an Open Qualifier?
How many Open Qualifiers can our team enter?
How many subs is my team allowed to have?
At what point is my team registration confirmed?
What is the prizepool?
Will games use tournament mode and Overtime Win-by-2?
Can you change who is on a teams roster in-between game days?
How are maps and attacking/defending sides decided throughout the tournament?
Do teams need to check-in on game days?
When is the bracket announced?
Do I automatically play in both days of an Open Qualifier?
How is my information used that I list on the registration form?
Is it possible to reschedule or postpone matches?
Can you have a coach, team manager or other personnel observing a match?
Can we use Skye & Icebox in Rise of Valour?
How can I watch the broadcast?

If your question is not covered in the below please contact us via the #help-desk channel on our Rise of Valour Discord or contact us via email through