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Bookings close 48HS PRIOR TO EVENT

anyone can join the fun at our
beginner-friendly Dungeon & Dragons event for ALL!


Your ticket includes:
1 x Free Drink
(Pint of Beer, Soft Drink, House Wine or Spirit)
⌛️  3hr Guided Quest (5e Edition Story)
📚  Expert Dungeon Master
🃏  Character Sheet Provided

No experience needed. Solo players welcome.

"I loved all of it! The drinks, the people, the food, the atmosphere and the set up was the most immersive and impressive place I've ever been before."
"The DM and scenarios were great. Loved the fact that our table was majority women. That doesn’t happen often in D&D. Comfortable, good food and wine! Couldn’t be better!"
"I was very impressed by how well organised it was. We were welcome as soon as we arrived and introduced to our DM. He was super friendly and really got to understand what level we were all at and what we actually wanted.


Dungeons & Flagons is a weekly Dungeons & Dragons event where players complete a self-contained, single session adventure (3 hours). Your ticket includes a drink, stationary, character sheet, and a guided experience with an expert Dungeon Master.

No, not at all. You don’t need to be a gifted improviser, past player or voice actor to roleplay. There is no “right” way to play D&D, so you can choose how little or how much you want to act as your character.

At its core, D&D is group storytelling. Our sessions let you dip your toes in the role playing waters and you’ll be guided every step of the way by one of our expert Dungeon Masters.

No, you don’t! We supply character sheets for you to choose from and link you a digital dice roller you can use if you don’t own dice already.

At the moment we don’t allow you to bring your own characters. Your experienced Dungeon Masters will provide a range of character classes to choose from (9 to be specific).

That’s no problem! You can book in as a solo player or with friends. We run the sessions in groups of six so if you have less, you will be paired with other adventurers.

We’ve partnered with Melbourne Dungeon Master to bring you the best D&D experience possible. Our single-session adventures are perfect if you’re new to the world of tabletop role playing or are just looking for a fun evening of entertainment.

On the day, your Dungeon Master (or simply: ‘DM’), will act as the narrator and tell the story similar to a “choose-your-own-adventure” book. Your professional DM lets you learn as you go and focus on the exploration and adventure, so you don’t need to memorise any rule books.

Every session of Dungeons & Flagons is designed to wrap up within 3 hours. There are many different one-shots so you can come week and week again for a completely new adventure.

Each Dungeon Master has their own flair for storytelling, so one day you’ll be hacking and slashing your way through a dungeon, the next you might be solving mysteries and puzzles by asking around the town for clues.

Your DM will be assigned to you on the day. Our DMs have a flair for storytelling and each one hand-crafts the adventure and tailors it to your group for that particular session.

You can bring your child to Dungeons & Flagons as long as you are in the venue for the duration of the game in line with the Fortress Melbourne minor’s policy.

We recommend ages 13+. If your child under 13 wants to play, keep an eye on our school holiday programs for limited sessions

In the short term we aren’t planning on adding longer campaigns, but in the future we very well may do so!

There is a surcharge of 15% on Public Holidays, this applies to all products. Thank you for supporting our staff.